Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank You for a Prosperous 2009!

 studio 313 artists would like to thank everyone for your loyal patronage and friendship which has enabled us to not only stay in business, but continue to provide you all with great art reasonably priced for your current budgets. 2009 has been a very rocky year for many folks, and especially artists businesses, and we have seen many artists leave the Pendleton.  

Our model has always been to create both long term and short term exhibits--a place where you can come and continue the dialog with artists who have been with us for years, and also meet artists who exhibit short term, so there is always new and exciting work available to you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we do believe that art heals--not only us, you and your family, but collectively heals the planet.  And with your help and support of our work, we believe that each of you brings healing energy to this alchemical mix when you visit us.

Here's wishing you, those you love, and those we have yet to meet, a joyous and prosperous 2010!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recent Shows

Wow--it's been a really busy few months!  I had three palladium/platinum prints in the Kennedy Heights Art Center's ClickV competition, winning the "best of show" award, and an exhibition at Redtree Gallery in Oakley. This  photo, Eeyore, was accepted in an international competition at ROHO gallery and is now showing at Iris Book Cafe on Main Street. 

The biggest news. . .  this triptych, "Energy, Renewal, Stability", was accepted in an international competition at Jacksonville University in Florida, that will then travel to galleries in Florence, Italy and Paris, France.

All this while seeing scads of patients with flu in the office. Whew!

I really hope you can join us in studio 313  Friday night or Saturday afternoon for our Holiday Sale. It's such a great season to be with old friends and new acquaintances.

Happy holidays to all!

Posted by Tim Freeman 


Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Artists of studio 313!!

We wish you the best holiday
season EVER!

Tonight!! and Tomorrow!! Miniatures!!

This is one of the many miniatures available at tonight, tomorrow and at our Essex and Pendleton Holiday sales events.  

Starting at $20.00 each, these miniatures make a perfect gift for birthdays or the HOLIDAYS. Each piece is an original oil painting on primed canvas paper. They are framed and ready to be enjoyed.

What a great opportunity to find unusual and unique gift ideas, enjoy delicious refreshments and have fantastic conversations about art all under one roof! 

We specialize in providing the buyer with a wide range of unique, one of a kind gifts. You will find original oil paintings, jewelry. pottery and photographic prints all in the same studio--and all reasonably priced for all budgets.

Art by S'anna
Suzzanna Frank

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The studio 313 artists have been gearing up all summer so we can start off the holiday season with a HUGE BANG

You will always find the newest, largest variety of media, best value and best prices at studio 313! You decide what is the "best art" for you!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hellos and Goodbyes

This month we are excited to welcome new artists Andrea Millette, moving from the PAC Annex to studio 313, and just back with new work from Paris, and Lisa Adkinson, jewelry designer.  See Lisa's first post below!!

Tonight will be the last time for Cincinnatians to view Tom McFarlane's work.  As much as we have missed Tom's bright spirit and wisdom since his passing, tonight we will be saying goodbye to his very moving black and white photography.

May you rest where the spirits sing your name and the light creates eternal images in your soul.

Posted by Judi Parks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventures in South Dakota

Here's some new work shot by Liz Murray who has just returned from a great adventure attending a Native American spiritual event.  Tonight is the first time I will get to speak with her about these great photos!  Hope you can stop by and hear her wonderful stories.

Posted by Judi Parks

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New studio 313 Jewelry Designer Receives Top Honor in National Competition


Meet our new jewelry artist at gallery hop tonight! We're happy to have her onboard!  Here's a little that was written about her.

Jewelry designer, Lisa Adkinson of Lisa Robin Jewelry, was recently honored as a Top 10 Copper Circle Finalist in a national annual competition for emerging designers. The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant program sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. awards cash grants and valuable business plan assistance to jewelry entrepreneurs. She will be paired with an established jewelry design mentor through the award’s business development program. 

The designs are taken from her interest in travel, architecture, culture, design, classic symbols and patterns. Each design reflects Lisa's emotional and spiritual connection to these experiences when she transforms her designs into sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

The Lisa Robin signature pattern Portale, (Italian for door or portal) was inspired by a wrought iron lintel above a doorway on a quiet street in Florence, Italy. Doorways frequently appear as a metaphor for change which is personally significant to her. The Lisa Robin debut collection uses the Portale design combined with her contemporary take on a paisley pattern, which originated as a symbol of renewal in Babylon as long as 3,000 years ago. “It is very gratifying to gain national recognition, especially after having just launched The Paisley Collection in February, 2009.” 

Posted by Judi Parks


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Standing in Front of the Gernica

Standing in front of Picasso's Gernica (1937) at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia this summer (2009) in Madrid, Spain, was like taking a bath in fresh squeezed orange juice, overwhelming. Picasso painted the Gernica in black and white oils over canvas. Having waited many years to see
this work, I approached it with hesitation by sketching several of Picasso's individual studies, such as Picasso's study of a horse (estudio para elcabello). 

After viewing the individual studies, I crept into the room where
the painting hung (349 X 776 cm). Overcome, I backed away and completed another sketch. Viewers can take pictures in the museum if the flash is inactive, but shooting Picasso sketches felt more like an assault on them.

Drawing slowed me down enough to converse with the lines, the composition, the process, and with Picasso.

Drawing in a public place, much less the Sofia, was like standing naked on a crowded street. I felt vulnerable, yet the act of drawing allowed me to block out the noise. I could hear in the background, "Mama, mira, undebujante." (Mother, look an artist). Being called an artist by a child in the presence of the Gernica was a great honor. 

The night we returned from Spain, I completed an acrylic (22" X 22") of a double bloom daylily. Spain left me hungry to pick up the brush once more.

Posted by Stephen Kroeger

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Horses and Coffee

It was a beautiful Friday evening, with perfect light streaming out of the evening sky. Who could ask for more, if you are a photographer.

Friends of mine have horses, who had invited me on several occasions to come out and take pictures whenever I wanted. Tonight was the night. I ran out to their house and quickly headed to the pasture. I let myself in and watched where I stepped, wishing I had worn boots, not sandals. Then, the horses headed to me to check out this new thing in their territory.

Now, I am a city girl. This may not have been the smartest move on my part, to just let myself into their pasture. I wanted to turn around and run, but I think my camping and bear training kicked in. "Don't run!!!" I told myself, as if they would catch up and maul me.

I had forgotten how big horses are. Too many movies watched about one of man's best friends, and how gentle they are. Then suddenly as well, that large cup of strong coffee kicked in, that I had just polished off. My hands and knees started to shake. What a great time for a caffeine buzz.

They came up to me and started nudging me. I was thinking, "This is not good". I have never been bitten, nor kicked by a horse, and really have never had a desire to be, as well.
One of the big guys took an interest in my camera bag I had left hanging on the fence post. He started to chew on it. My mind is now thinking "LENSES!" All my lenses were in there and I could imagine them being stepped on or crunched by the beautiful creature I might soon resent.

As I am watching my camera bag being chewed, and being nudged by a REALLY BIG horse, I am trying to take pictures, but my hands were shaking so badly it was impossible. I must have passed the test though, they moved back to grazing, mean while keeping an eye on me. I quickly unlocked the gate and grabbed my bag and let myself out.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Posted by Elizabeth Murray

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehn, Adieu

Since the opening night of studio 313's expansion, Louisville artists Tom and Mary Kinney's exhibit of custom jewelry and enamel on copper miniatures have delighted Cincinnati visitors through their offerings of unique wearable art and collector pieces.  

After over a year long running exhibition, Tom and Mary will be leaving us this month to go on the road for summer festivals, so Friday night will be the last opportunity to purchase the pieces you have been saving up for.  I can tell you all for sure that every artist in the studio will really miss all the positive energy and fun times we have had with them.  

Be sure to come down Friday night so we can give them a great send off!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did you miss these?

Thanks to everyone who came out to open studio Friday night! Our first gorgeous weather to take a break out in Artist Alley, eat hot pizza and talk about art!  Here is some work you might have missed if you couldn't make it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready for Mother's Day?

I must say, I do love Mothers’ Day!  I love being a mom, even when that means wiping a nose, stopping the older one from strangling the younger one, teaching them math, driving to soccer/baseball/dance/girl scouts/skiing…because it also means lots of hugs, lots of “I love you”, and lots of joy.  Let’s hear it for all the moms out there!!

And since Mother's Day is just around the corner on May 9th, I am offering THIS WEEKEND ONLY $75 gift cards for only $50 for studio portrait sessions at Karen Minzner Photography studio.  One card will cover the sitting fee and can be used toward a print!!  That's 33% off!!!! What mom would not love photos of her children or grandchildren?  The best part…you can simply give them the gift card and let them decide exactly who and what they want photographed.  

This offer is ONLY available at April’s Final Friday.  You need to come see me in studio 313 on April 24th (or, ok, you can call me on Second Look Saturday too) to purchase the gift cards.  Posted by Karen Minzner  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother Nature

The world has turned to wonderful shades of greens, and the spring flowers are partaking in this wonderful time called spring. It has been breath taking this spring, wandering around, as I do with my camera, taking in all the colors that Mother Nature has to offer. From the magnolia trees, to the red buds, it was a welcomed change from this long gray winter.

As I hold the camera up to look through the lens, the world changes for me. I suddenly start to see the things I miss in my everyday life. The beauty of a curve of a petal, the wanderings of a ladybug, or the flight of an osprey. All these small things slow my mind down long enough to appreciate what our magnificent environment has to offer us. It helps me realize that I am but a speck on this rock we call the earth, and to act as one of it's many stewards.

So on this up coming Mother's Day, I would like to thank the Mother of all Mother's, Mother Nature for the gifts she leaves us everyday. Small gifts or large, the beauty we encounter and those overwhelming moments of pure gratitude for what is put before me. It is my joy to be able to try to capture those moments.  Posted by Elizabeth Murray

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mother's Day

When I was a (younger) kid, I used to pick flowers for my Mom for Mother's Day, her birthday and other occasions that seemed appropriate. I would often pick the wild violets and dandelions that grow everywhere at this time of year. Just as often, I would find wonderful tulips, daffodils, roses and other flowers, Unfortunately these were often the flowers adorning someone's yard but perhaps just outside the fence or around back of their house. Mom never chided me, but did admonish me not to pick other people's flowers.
A few years ago, I decided to undertake a long term project of picking, photographically, all the flowers I could find and giving them to Mom for various occasions. Her walls are now full of these newly picked flowers. About three years ago we had a particularly early and beautiful growth of tulips as well as verdant hosta. I decided to "create" a bouquet and placed two flowers in a beautiful plum colored vase and set this in the midst of the hosta. I photographed the bouquet and gave it to Mom for Mother's Day that year. This is the image on our ecard this month celebrating the bonds we share with our mother's. Posted by Tim Freeman  

Such A Mystery!

With this painting I was experimenting with texture. The Grapefruit was painted using the tip of a palette knife. Learning to control the paint and edges of the forms with a knife is a fun challenge. I added more creative colors to spice it up a bit.

Painting what I don't see is what makes the painting really work for me. It can mean emotional/spiritual or, in this case, simply the use of color. The act of creating is for me always somewhat based on what we don't see but what we chose to communicate. With the Grapefruit painting I am just slightly exaggerating what I see. 

A painter once said to me that the best thing we can do when making art is..."at some point putting down or turning away from the material we are looking at to make the art. When we turn away from our perceived reality we allow something new and different to occur." 

Isn't painting wonderful...its SUCH a mystery!  Posted by Cindy Olmes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


At long last, we have had a breath of fresh spring air! Spring has started, revealing itself much too slowly for most our tastes. I finally dusted off the camera that had been laying dormant for most of the winter. The first outing was a beautiful, shiny day to Krone Conservatory for the Early Spring Floral Show. I think I should have gone there during the winter. I had forgotten how a trip to there is good for the winter blahs and good for the soul.
Standing in a sea of green and breathing in the wonderful air, I felt like my body melted off some of the cold and ice, that had sunk into my bones over the winter. Color, texture and shades began to pop out at me as I stood there for a few moments. After that...I felt like a wild cat stalking it's prey, mine prey just happened to be flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes, with a few lady bugs along the way.

I look forward to having some of these photos on display over the next few months along with many more spring days to come of photo field trips. Posted by Elizabeth Murray.

Backyard Tragedies-Spirit

The work of a fine art photographer is not always about capturing or creating that single image. Sometimes one must create a body of work to express the ideas one has artistically.  A couple years ago I set out to capture the backyard like it should not be imagined.  My plan was to set up different types of accidents and tragedies in everyday backyards.  The image here is called 'Spirit.'  If you look into the ever so calm pool a white orb rests.  There are cars in the driveway, the lights are on in the house, but the gate to the pool has been left open.  Something has happened here, but there is no crime scene.  In my backyard images, there are no people, there is no blood, there is only our imagination to put the pieces together.  This image was selected into the 'Trick of the Light' exhibit at Manifest Galleries in Cincinnati in December 2007.

With these thoughts in mind and as spring surrounds us as people start preparing for the opening their pools, consider any hazards you can fix now while we are having this great weather, to keep your kids and family safe.  Posted by Francis J. Michaels

Monday, March 9, 2009

Karen Minzner - Hocking Hills

I love the great outdoors.  That sounds a bit strange coming from someone who didn’t really care for nature as a child.  I think being able to capture images like these has changed me.  My husband and I headed out, to what has become one of our favorite parks, for a day of hiking.  I was a bit pessimistic at first because it was a grey, misty, rainy day.  By the time we made it to the top of the mountain (or hill, depending on who you are taking to), my tune had changed.  I loved these trees.  I was so happy that we had decided to venture out that day.  It seems that nature sometimes has its own plan.  As soon as you think you know it…it throws you a curve ball.


Posted by Karen Minzner


Friday, February 27, 2009

This Weekend Focus on Foto

Hey! Yo ya'll and youse guys! Tonight's the night!  I know. . . that's what they ALL say.

But truly this weekend at studio 313 is a great opportunity to see some great work from 7 photographic artists, including our two new photographers, Elizabeth Murray and Visiting Photographer Neil Moore.

Liz has a bugs eye view of some of those creatures you love to hate--well--her's ARE awfully cute.  So is she.

Or if you have Spring Fever--was it warm today or what--and long for Hilton Head, then Neil's your man.  Won't somebody puleeze just give him a boat so he can stay there out on the water taking pictures of the beach?

Now get yourselves outdoors, into your cars, on your bikes,  on the bus, and get yourself down here.  We'll wine and snack ya'all and we'll all talk photo!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today is PURE JOY!!

Welcome to the new studio 313 blog!! I am so excited! Everyone has been hard at work these past two months, photographing art, designing e-cards to let ya'll you know about our great prices and dynamite art we have all been making this year.  Painting, photography, ceramics, jewelry, enamel copper miniatures--that's a lot of art from 12 artists!!!

Tim, photographer extraordinaire, and I have been burning the late night oil for weeks here designing our logo and getting our e-cards formatted so you can come to the studio and pick up a deal on a great piece from your favorite artist every Final Friday/Second Look Saturday gallery hop.  

And Saturday Suzzanna Shehata, who's lemon paintings are walking off the wall--what is it about lemons, that's what i wanna know--and I tackled this fun job of putting up our blog, with THE KARENS jumping in here or there to rescue us. That's Karen Gaski, Wyoming High School art teacher, jeweler and potter, and Karen Minzner, our newest artist, taking time from her portrait studio, to exhibit her beautiful moody black and white European photographs. 

Elusive Paintings!

What elements of a landscape catch my eye? A beautiful vista doesn't always translate into a painting, at least not for me. I can travel for miles surrounded by nature's beauty enjoying every moment, but not see a painting. Then out of nowhere a painting will show itself.  I was hiking at Utah's Arches National Park one September evening and this painting caught my eye. The clouds shifted just so.  The orange evening light flooded the plateau and range, while the foreground juniper and sagebrush remained in shadow.  It was so brief.  But enough time for me to capture some mental and digital images to take back to the studio and paint this little 6x8 oil study. Posted by Ann Geise.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Yellow Bowl

5"X7" Oil On Canvas

This Little Yellow Bowl has been hanging around the house for years. I actually was cleaning things out of the closet and getting things together to give to Goodwill. This Little Yellow bowl, along with a number of other pieces that I had made while taking pottery lessons, were sitting on the ledge. Its shape and color was so simple, yet refined. I loved the thickness and non-perfection of this piece. To say the least, it now has a permanent space in my home. Maybe its time to think about throwing pottery again? Posted by Suzzanna Shehata.

Karen Minzner...I remember...

Hi everyone and welcome to the new and fabulous Studio 313 blog!  I am Karen M. (not to be confused with Karen G.) and the newest member of Studio 313.  I am happy to report that my very first Final Friday, the day after Christmas, went smoothly.  Everyone in the studio was very welcoming, including offering me some Jack Daniels, Carolina's Irish Creme,Brandy, and Kamir liquor - oh, I LOVE this group!  Now that I have my feet wet, I hope to continue to see a crowd up on the third floor.  Be sure to check out my black and white photography - right now I am featuring some of my European work.  The image above, Zurich Houses, was taken on a family vacation to Europe in the summer of 2006. 
My husband, kids, and I are good friends with a family originally from Germany.  The family was scheduled to move back to Germany in 2005 and we promised we would come to visit the next summer.  When they ended up staying in the US (they are still here), we decided that we should all go to Germany together and make a big vacation out of it.  Four adults, four kids (two 3-year-olds, two 6-year-olds), a 10 hour plane ride, 5 cities, a gazillion hours in the car at 110 mph on the fabulous time!
My hope is that everyone will look at my work and develop some of their own memories, weather that be memories of travels to Europe, a dream of traveling, or a family vacation.  This same theme is what I hope to capture in my other photography work.  Most of my time as a photographer is spent photographing weddings and portraits.  I want everyone to look at the images I capture for them and remember their special day, their young child, the way they felt spending time with their family.  Whatever the situation, I want all of my work to make people say, "I remember..." Posted by Karen Minzner.

Yellowtail Snapper, Key West

December 29 in Key West. It was 82 degrees. These fish came up up alongside our boat to feed. How lucky can you get?! Posted by Tim Freeman.

Finding Eden

Finding the right subject matter while choosing the correct technique can make for an intriguing photograph.  My name is Francis J Michaels, a local fine art photographer here in the Cincinnati area.  While I was walking through Eden Park with some friends one afternoon I came across this fantastic setting.  This stoned road to nowhere was before me with great pillars on either side and a black fence all along it.  

I could see homes on the hillside in the distance.  I knew I had to act fast and find my shot for the Sun was going to fall quickly in the sky behind some trees.  I set up my tripod and moved it five or six times looking for my shot.  The sun was fading...  Finally, I was ready and got my settings on the camera honed in.  I ran through a series of shots, I was going to shoot a High Dynamic Range image for this scene, more highlight and shadow detail in the final image.  

Something wasn't right, the Sun.  It wasn't where it needed to be.  I had to wait a little longer, then it started peaking out from behind the trees, and... click, click, click.  I ran through another series of shots and I knew I had it.  Well, I was hoping anyway.  I wouldn't know until I did the post processing.  As you can see, I was quite happy with the results from that day, even though this image was the only one I came away with. Posted by Francis Michaels.