Sunday, April 19, 2009

Such A Mystery!

With this painting I was experimenting with texture. The Grapefruit was painted using the tip of a palette knife. Learning to control the paint and edges of the forms with a knife is a fun challenge. I added more creative colors to spice it up a bit.

Painting what I don't see is what makes the painting really work for me. It can mean emotional/spiritual or, in this case, simply the use of color. The act of creating is for me always somewhat based on what we don't see but what we chose to communicate. With the Grapefruit painting I am just slightly exaggerating what I see. 

A painter once said to me that the best thing we can do when making art is..."at some point putting down or turning away from the material we are looking at to make the art. When we turn away from our perceived reality we allow something new and different to occur." 

Isn't painting wonderful...its SUCH a mystery!  Posted by Cindy Olmes.

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