Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Horses and Coffee

It was a beautiful Friday evening, with perfect light streaming out of the evening sky. Who could ask for more, if you are a photographer.

Friends of mine have horses, who had invited me on several occasions to come out and take pictures whenever I wanted. Tonight was the night. I ran out to their house and quickly headed to the pasture. I let myself in and watched where I stepped, wishing I had worn boots, not sandals. Then, the horses headed to me to check out this new thing in their territory.

Now, I am a city girl. This may not have been the smartest move on my part, to just let myself into their pasture. I wanted to turn around and run, but I think my camping and bear training kicked in. "Don't run!!!" I told myself, as if they would catch up and maul me.

I had forgotten how big horses are. Too many movies watched about one of man's best friends, and how gentle they are. Then suddenly as well, that large cup of strong coffee kicked in, that I had just polished off. My hands and knees started to shake. What a great time for a caffeine buzz.

They came up to me and started nudging me. I was thinking, "This is not good". I have never been bitten, nor kicked by a horse, and really have never had a desire to be, as well.
One of the big guys took an interest in my camera bag I had left hanging on the fence post. He started to chew on it. My mind is now thinking "LENSES!" All my lenses were in there and I could imagine them being stepped on or crunched by the beautiful creature I might soon resent.

As I am watching my camera bag being chewed, and being nudged by a REALLY BIG horse, I am trying to take pictures, but my hands were shaking so badly it was impossible. I must have passed the test though, they moved back to grazing, mean while keeping an eye on me. I quickly unlocked the gate and grabbed my bag and let myself out.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Posted by Elizabeth Murray