Tuesday, March 10, 2009


At long last, we have had a breath of fresh spring air! Spring has started, revealing itself much too slowly for most our tastes. I finally dusted off the camera that had been laying dormant for most of the winter. The first outing was a beautiful, shiny day to Krone Conservatory for the Early Spring Floral Show. I think I should have gone there during the winter. I had forgotten how a trip to there is good for the winter blahs and good for the soul.
Standing in a sea of green and breathing in the wonderful air, I felt like my body melted off some of the cold and ice, that had sunk into my bones over the winter. Color, texture and shades began to pop out at me as I stood there for a few moments. After that...I felt like a wild cat stalking it's prey, mine prey just happened to be flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes, with a few lady bugs along the way.

I look forward to having some of these photos on display over the next few months along with many more spring days to come of photo field trips. Posted by Elizabeth Murray.

Backyard Tragedies-Spirit

The work of a fine art photographer is not always about capturing or creating that single image. Sometimes one must create a body of work to express the ideas one has artistically.  A couple years ago I set out to capture the backyard like it should not be imagined.  My plan was to set up different types of accidents and tragedies in everyday backyards.  The image here is called 'Spirit.'  If you look into the ever so calm pool a white orb rests.  There are cars in the driveway, the lights are on in the house, but the gate to the pool has been left open.  Something has happened here, but there is no crime scene.  In my backyard images, there are no people, there is no blood, there is only our imagination to put the pieces together.  This image was selected into the 'Trick of the Light' exhibit at Manifest Galleries in Cincinnati in December 2007.

With these thoughts in mind and as spring surrounds us as people start preparing for the opening their pools, consider any hazards you can fix now while we are having this great weather, to keep your kids and family safe.  Posted by Francis J. Michaels

Monday, March 9, 2009

Karen Minzner - Hocking Hills

I love the great outdoors.  That sounds a bit strange coming from someone who didn’t really care for nature as a child.  I think being able to capture images like these has changed me.  My husband and I headed out, to what has become one of our favorite parks, for a day of hiking.  I was a bit pessimistic at first because it was a grey, misty, rainy day.  By the time we made it to the top of the mountain (or hill, depending on who you are taking to), my tune had changed.  I loved these trees.  I was so happy that we had decided to venture out that day.  It seems that nature sometimes has its own plan.  As soon as you think you know it…it throws you a curve ball.


Posted by Karen Minzner