Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother Nature

The world has turned to wonderful shades of greens, and the spring flowers are partaking in this wonderful time called spring. It has been breath taking this spring, wandering around, as I do with my camera, taking in all the colors that Mother Nature has to offer. From the magnolia trees, to the red buds, it was a welcomed change from this long gray winter.

As I hold the camera up to look through the lens, the world changes for me. I suddenly start to see the things I miss in my everyday life. The beauty of a curve of a petal, the wanderings of a ladybug, or the flight of an osprey. All these small things slow my mind down long enough to appreciate what our magnificent environment has to offer us. It helps me realize that I am but a speck on this rock we call the earth, and to act as one of it's many stewards.

So on this up coming Mother's Day, I would like to thank the Mother of all Mother's, Mother Nature for the gifts she leaves us everyday. Small gifts or large, the beauty we encounter and those overwhelming moments of pure gratitude for what is put before me. It is my joy to be able to try to capture those moments.  Posted by Elizabeth Murray

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