Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready for Mother's Day?

I must say, I do love Mothers’ Day!  I love being a mom, even when that means wiping a nose, stopping the older one from strangling the younger one, teaching them math, driving to soccer/baseball/dance/girl scouts/skiing…because it also means lots of hugs, lots of “I love you”, and lots of joy.  Let’s hear it for all the moms out there!!

And since Mother's Day is just around the corner on May 9th, I am offering THIS WEEKEND ONLY $75 gift cards for only $50 for studio portrait sessions at Karen Minzner Photography studio.  One card will cover the sitting fee and can be used toward a print!!  That's 33% off!!!! What mom would not love photos of her children or grandchildren?  The best part…you can simply give them the gift card and let them decide exactly who and what they want photographed.  

This offer is ONLY available at April’s Final Friday.  You need to come see me in studio 313 on April 24th (or, ok, you can call me on Second Look Saturday too) to purchase the gift cards.  Posted by Karen Minzner  

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