Friday, February 27, 2009

This Weekend Focus on Foto

Hey! Yo ya'll and youse guys! Tonight's the night!  I know. . . that's what they ALL say.

But truly this weekend at studio 313 is a great opportunity to see some great work from 7 photographic artists, including our two new photographers, Elizabeth Murray and Visiting Photographer Neil Moore.

Liz has a bugs eye view of some of those creatures you love to hate--well--her's ARE awfully cute.  So is she.

Or if you have Spring Fever--was it warm today or what--and long for Hilton Head, then Neil's your man.  Won't somebody puleeze just give him a boat so he can stay there out on the water taking pictures of the beach?

Now get yourselves outdoors, into your cars, on your bikes,  on the bus, and get yourself down here.  We'll wine and snack ya'all and we'll all talk photo!

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