Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finding Eden

Finding the right subject matter while choosing the correct technique can make for an intriguing photograph.  My name is Francis J Michaels, a local fine art photographer here in the Cincinnati area.  While I was walking through Eden Park with some friends one afternoon I came across this fantastic setting.  This stoned road to nowhere was before me with great pillars on either side and a black fence all along it.  

I could see homes on the hillside in the distance.  I knew I had to act fast and find my shot for the Sun was going to fall quickly in the sky behind some trees.  I set up my tripod and moved it five or six times looking for my shot.  The sun was fading...  Finally, I was ready and got my settings on the camera honed in.  I ran through a series of shots, I was going to shoot a High Dynamic Range image for this scene, more highlight and shadow detail in the final image.  

Something wasn't right, the Sun.  It wasn't where it needed to be.  I had to wait a little longer, then it started peaking out from behind the trees, and... click, click, click.  I ran through another series of shots and I knew I had it.  Well, I was hoping anyway.  I wouldn't know until I did the post processing.  As you can see, I was quite happy with the results from that day, even though this image was the only one I came away with. Posted by Francis Michaels.

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