Sunday, January 4, 2009

Karen Minzner...I remember...

Hi everyone and welcome to the new and fabulous Studio 313 blog!  I am Karen M. (not to be confused with Karen G.) and the newest member of Studio 313.  I am happy to report that my very first Final Friday, the day after Christmas, went smoothly.  Everyone in the studio was very welcoming, including offering me some Jack Daniels, Carolina's Irish Creme,Brandy, and Kamir liquor - oh, I LOVE this group!  Now that I have my feet wet, I hope to continue to see a crowd up on the third floor.  Be sure to check out my black and white photography - right now I am featuring some of my European work.  The image above, Zurich Houses, was taken on a family vacation to Europe in the summer of 2006. 
My husband, kids, and I are good friends with a family originally from Germany.  The family was scheduled to move back to Germany in 2005 and we promised we would come to visit the next summer.  When they ended up staying in the US (they are still here), we decided that we should all go to Germany together and make a big vacation out of it.  Four adults, four kids (two 3-year-olds, two 6-year-olds), a 10 hour plane ride, 5 cities, a gazillion hours in the car at 110 mph on the fabulous time!
My hope is that everyone will look at my work and develop some of their own memories, weather that be memories of travels to Europe, a dream of traveling, or a family vacation.  This same theme is what I hope to capture in my other photography work.  Most of my time as a photographer is spent photographing weddings and portraits.  I want everyone to look at the images I capture for them and remember their special day, their young child, the way they felt spending time with their family.  Whatever the situation, I want all of my work to make people say, "I remember..." Posted by Karen Minzner.

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